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Meet the Team

Balal Adeel (founder)

Perfectionist, leader, and the big boss.

Balal has a background in business and marketing, he has always had entrepreneurial characteristics. By possessing a strong mindset and being a highly ambitious character, he founded and started Latin Force.

Starting Latin Force stems from having a vision to grow the Newcastle dance scene and to establish an international festival in the heart of North East of UK. He isn't just the organiser of an events company but also a passionate dance instructor.

He has rapidly grown as an artist and the DJ and soon after starting teaching, he was invited to well-known events and festivals across the UK, Europe, and around the world.

Jasper Ho

Jasper is a mathematician and tries to solve all the questions related to numbers.


Jasper has a background in psychology. So overthinking every step Latin Force takes is his responsibility. Ok he isn’t that crazy!


Jasper and Balal were the first ones to start this project. Jasper focuses on promotion and does all the tasks that require a lot of patience and hard work. He isn’t the individual, who enjoys the spotlight but he’s in the background making sure everything is going smoothly.

Kotryna Svedaite

The backbone of the team.


Kotryna has a background in Science, and now starting her career as a science teacher. She started Latin dancing a couple of years ago, where she fell in love with it. 


Kotryna is the most organised member of the team. She takes responsibility of making sure that everyone is doing their job effectively and does not give a chance to be lazy. She also is the main go to person, when we require help with admin work. She works closely with Balal to ensure everything goes smoothly and taking some of the work load to increase the overall efficiency. She is a fast learner therefore, she picks up new skills and takes the responsibility to deliver outstanding work.


She is not easily impressed and always finds ways to improve things to achieve the best standards. She has an outstanding work ethic, which not only keeps the team in-check but also motivates and inspires all members within the Latin Force team.

Miguel P. Moya

The face of Latin Force.


With a background in engineer, Miguel is one of the senior members of Latin Force team. The passion he has for Latin Force is inspirational. He always works hard to achieve the best results. He aims to be a promoter in future events and currently learning the necessary skills to be a successful promoter.


Miguel has a strong passion for bachata and has worked hard to grow the bachata scene within Newcastle. He has great people skills, and really enjoys socialising with other dancers around the UK and around the world.

Latin Force Ltd is an event organisation established in Newcastle and founded by Balal Adeel.

The team consists of people with extraordinary personalities. Every member contributes towards the success by using the strongest traits of their characters.


Each member of the team was learning individually in order to grow as dancers. We travelled together to the dancing events, festivals and helped each other to develop quicker. We became a strong team with one thing that united us all - hunger for a dance.


Each member contributes to the success and brings new ideas, shows the strengths and knows that only when working together we achieve the best results.

Meet the Team

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