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Latin Force Adventures

Here you can find the memories of our past events. 

Latin Force Black and White Party

Latin Force was delighted to have DJ Dimensions in the house. 

Newest bachata remixes and tracks specially for our event. Music never heard before. Bachata lovers in Newcastle had the best opportunity to dance to this music and be first to hear it. 

Together with other amazing DJs and bachata and kizomba workshops, the night was unbelievable. 

Moments from the event

Latin Force Newcastle Festival

Launching Party

The Launching Party was an event worth remembering. It was unique and first of a kind in Newcastle. 

All day full of workshops with Azael and Jomante, Ato and Alba and JJ Pachanga with Alina followed by evening workshops and social dancing.

We saw international's level shows from all of the artists and the whole crowd was amused by the performances. 

Over hundred people gathered together in this event. 

Moments from the event

Christmas Party with JT and Ania

We were glad to have a chance to have this event with those, who were still around in town. As we know, majority of people are very busy during this festive period and the opportunity to dance becomes very sparse.

Not only we had a party, but we had the bachata world champions coming to teach in our Christmas party. 

JT and Ania are winners of many championships and have multiple dancing schools as well as provide special training.

Alex Morel Bootcamp

Yes, the same Alex Morel from Alex and Desiree was with Latin Force team. 

This intensive bootcamp consisted of theory and practice and full of knowledge from one of the best bachata dancers.

Alex is world renowned bachata artist and has dancing teams all over the world. It was the great pleasure to have him here in Newcastle with us. 

Learning the basics and the history that comes with it is important and of a great value. We had a chance to have a glimpse into it and learn a lot in the bootcamp.

Weekender Pre-Party


Alex Morel and Balal Adeel

After the bootcamp we had another great night with Alex.

Balal Adeel is certified instructor by Alex and Desiree. This fantastic duo made everyone's feet go crazy on the dance floor.

Latin Force always brings something different, something unique and worth to remember and experience. 

Moments from the event

BSN/NUS & Latin Force

Night Of The Stars

Together in collaboration with local universities (Newcastle University and Nothumbria University) and their dancing societies, Latin Force brought one of the bachata couples that everyone desires to learn from - Dario and Sara.

In addition, we had a chance to learn from one of the best teachers in body movement and body isolation - Edvin Rodriguez Ovale.

Latin Force Anniversary

Here we came the long way and celebrated our first year anniversary

We were thankful for everyone, who came and supported. Without the community, local talent and support from everyone we would not have gotten to the place where we are now. 

All the motivation that keeps pushing us to do more and give more. 

In this event we had Jeydikson Lima teaching kizomba and rocking those afrobeat moves in the lineups! 

We also had Amazing Ozge and Rachael performing belly dancing and Venenitas lady styling.

Newcastle is lucky to have people like you!