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About Us

Latin Force Ltd is an event organisation established in Newcastle and founded by Balal Adeel.

The company consists of people with extraordinary personalities and every member contributes towards success by using the strongest traits of their characters. Each member of the team was learning individually in order to grow as dancers. We travelled together to the dancing events, festivals and helped each other to develop quicker. We became a strong team with one thing that united us all - hunger for a dance. Each member contributes to the success and brings in new ideas, shows the strengths and knows that working together we achieve the best results.

The Brand

Latin Force has a set of values that we follow without the exception.

We also have a clear vision that we are determined to make true. 



Teamwork - working together we can make the dreams to come true easier.

Quality - do right from the first time.

Innovation - what is made today, can be made better tomorrow.

Consistent improvement and learning - learn from mistakes and be better every day.

Passion - put your heart in what you do.

Commitment - never give up.

Accountability and ownership - whether that's a failure or a success, know when it is yours.


 Have the events matching international standards and provide the opportunity for everyone to dance at the high level. 


 Latin Force provides the opportunity to learn and improve from the best artists, without necessity of  travelling. The events are international standard, including the music and the parties.

Let's put Newcastle on the map and make it a centre of the Latin Dancing scene. 


We aspire to expand to Europe and become international event organisation that contributes to the worldwide dancing community by events, classes, workshops, bootcamps and a range of other activities.


 We want the world to know about Newcastle as a great place for dancers. 

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