Weekender | Latinforce

The first edition of Latin Force Weekender happened in 2019, March and it was a success, becoming an annual event on Latin Force calendar.


Get ready for the weekender in 2020 full of dancing. Let's make this a tradition! 

The event is in the process. Who do you want to see this year? 

Let us know, if you have any requests or wishes. Your opinion matters.


Although it was a first weekender for Latin Force team, the interest was great. We were so pleased that not only local community took part but also 4 universities and their dancing societies as well as people were willing travel from outside of the town. 

Throughout the weekend we had over 24 workshops, international and national artists, 2 nights of themed parties, 3 party rooms and day time social. 

The best part, everything was under one roof and close to city centre, satisfying needs of those who stayed in the venue as well as those, who wanted to go home for some rest.

Click below to find out more about the Latin Force Weekender, 1st Edition.

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