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Latin Force - Range of Experiences

Learning Experience 

We bring world renown artists to Latin Force events to elevate the levels of dancing and to give an opportunity to learn from the best instructors in the world.

We want our local dance scene to have exceptional dancers, who can inspire others and who feel confident to dance and showcase their abilities all around the world at events and festivals.

We want the class of a high standards, to be informative, enjoyable, challenging as well as motivating and inspiring. We choose the instructors that meet all of these requirements.

Dance Experience 

Our events proved to be a success with hundreds of social dancers, who travelled from all over the UK.

We want to ensure that our events give memories to remember and are tailored for the needs of social dancers.

We make sure to have the right type of music allowing all dancers to enjoy, as well as, to have everlasting social dancing, which goes into the early morning.

Party Experience 

Our parties are designed to ensure all dancers have fun whilst they are social dancing.

We have MCs to keep the mood up, animations  and competitions to keep everyone entertained.

Occasionally, we do have themed parties, and find ways to make a party fun and exciting for the dancers.

We try and make our parties alive, entertaining and unique.   

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